It’s colder than cold here in Michigan right now, but at last there is some
snow to make it look better!  December was pretty busy for me but I’m
spending January either doing private gigs or working on recording, so there isn’t much to add to the Shows page right now.

The Yellow Room Gang had a wonderful New Years Eve gig in Flint ~ well, 4 of us plus Rod Capps ~ and all 8 of us were in full throttle at our annual Ark concert on January 3rd.  Given the horrendous weather that night we had a great turnout and sold a lot of our brand new CD ‘Decade’.   Celebrating  10 years together as a songwriting collective with a fresh CD was fun and Jim Bizer (of course!) wrote a wonderful song called ‘Ten Times Around’  where we each take turns singing certain lines.  My contributions to this collection are ‘Make it Snow’ and ‘Love Gone Wrong.’  The CD isn’t up on my Music page yet but will be soon ~ and you can email me directly thru the Contact page for more info on that.

I will update the gig schedule soon and hope to see a bunch of you out there!