The heat is on and boy, howdy!  The grass is brown and crunchy, my garden seems to be quietly hanging on but not doing much else – and I’ve actually had the AC on a couple of times.  Mostly because of house guests, although I generally don’t like using it.  Having a floor fan tied to my ankle is working well, thanks.

And speaking of the heat, I’ve posted a slideshow of my old song Prayin’ for Rain on youtube; as well as my Kid with a Gun , something I’ve been wanting to do since Columbine, given the Aurora, Colorado massacre. I guess there’s no reason to go into why it’s still relevant.

Well, the IndieGoGo campaign is finished, and again a huge Thank You to those of you who contributed or passed the word on to others.  I didn’t reach my funding goal but I have started the record and am making frequent trips to Chicago to do that.  I’m really enjoying working with Dennis Cahill, he’s a great guy – and Victor Sanders, another great guy, who owns the studio at the top of his house.  I’ll be posting some of what we’re getting done in the near future.  One cut features my son Jesse singing ‘Bonny Blue-eyed Nancy’ with wonderous fiddler Maurice Lennon adding lovely touches. My daughter Callie will be doing some harmonies with me a bit down the line.

I love the mellow light of August, the buzzing of the cicadas, and the first BLT.  May there be one before the squirrels wipe me out!

enjoy the rest of the summer and thanks for checking in