Things are moving slowly with recording the Irish American project.  I just launched an Indie Go Go campaign to raise more funds to get it finished.  You can click on the link on the Home Page and go straight to the site, complete with a slideshow video and explanation of the vision.  Please help me spread the word!

After our summer fling in March, with temps in the 80’s, it’s now struggling to reach 70 most days.  I decided to put some new/old tunes to fit the season on the Listen button.  ‘No One on this Road’ was written one March on my way home from gigging out east – I had the windows down and could smell the earth warming up even in the dark of night. ‘Evangeline’s’ is a tune I wrote for my grandmother (on the first CD) that just seems to fit; and ‘100% Chance of the Blues’ is my nod to Earth Day and/or saner living.