It’s a slow, cold spring here in Michigan but there signs of life out there.  Bits of flowers are starting to show, the grass is a shy and curmudgeonly green, and there are definitely new bird songs to be heard.  I’m all for that!  Considering the incredible storms the east coast has been dealing with all winter we’ve gotten by pretty easily ~ but it will be so much better when it gets to 70+!

I’ve had a crazy busy past couple of months and am looking forward to gathering my energies for new projects, new venues, new music.  And at the end of May is the annual Inishfree Irish Music Tour which is always astounding.  One of these days I’ll put together a slideshow video of some scenes from the past 3 years and will post it on youtube.

This past weekend was the March for Our Lives that drew an astonishing number of people ~ young and old, all around the country ~ demanding gun reform and demanding it NOW, not after yet another tragedy that could have been avoided.  I’m very proud of this young generation who are using their voices to effect change.  The times they are a-changing indeed!