In like a lion, out like a lamb pretty much sums up this Spring in Ann Arbor. A massive wind storm cut a wide swath through this area recently causing thousands of power outages, downed trees, etc. Somehow my little place escaped it all except having my old trellis get blown to smithereens. I opened my door the next morning and found a pile of lumber on the porch! All in all, I’m pretty lucky, and welcoming the warmer weather and rain instead of snow.

My biggest news is, of course, that The Irishman’s Daughter is done at last and out and in the world. I’m still (at this writing) mailing out copies to dj’s, pre-purchasers and reviewers. There’s more on the album at the Home Page but I’m very glad to have it finally finished and I think it came out quite well. A huge thank you to Jim Bizer for helping me wrap it up! We had a very successful CD Release concert on March 18th with a few more coming up ~ and still adding some on! Check out the Shows page for updates.

The past 100+ days of a new White House has been baffling and disturbing to say the least, with threatened arts cuts, possible healthcare obliteration, a cabinet that keeps disappearing and reforming – I’m glad that making music and other artists are so prominent in my life. It helps keep some sanity in this strange and changing world.

Thanks for checking in and I hope to see some of you at a gig in the near future!