Spring is out there somewhere, but definitely not here in Michigan yet.  Lots of rain, so things are green, but then the snow falls and it’s white again.  This too shall pass, yes??

I’m excited to be finally launching my first children’s book, ‘Henny and Benny Bunyan and the Maple Syrup Adventure’, officially on the last day of April.  I first invented Henny & Benny back in 1987 when my Michigan songbook, ‘Bunyan and Banjoes’  was published.  I always wanted to bring them back, and now they have their own adventure story, complete with an included 5 song CD!  There will soon be a new page on kittydonohoe.com with all the scoop on Gypsie Bird Press (that’s me), song clips, bits of the story and info on how to order your own copy.  Stay tuned!

I’m also churning ahead on recording songs for the long-delayed CD project, ‘The Irishman’s Daughter.’  More on that as it reaches completion – soon, soon, soon!

So needless to say, I’m busy and not too annoyed with the delay of spring, as it makes it harder to stay on task when it’s beautiful out and I’d rather be walking in the woods than taking care of business ~ even such fun business as creating music.

Thanks for checking in!