So far it’s cold and rainy, rainy and cold here in the North country.  We get just enough teaser days so we think it may finally hit the low 70’s and stay there, but…naw.  Just for one day, and then it plummets again.  I’m looking for signs of rhubarb in my garden,  (think I saw some) and asparagus (nothing yet) and like everyone else around here I’m looking forward to the days when it will be warm enough to sit outside.  On the other hand, I am hearing woodpeckers and black-capped chickadees in the mornings, so I know there is hope!

In April I have a gig in Ontario, and in early June I’m heading to Ireland.  I’ll still need my raincoat and brelly for those I’m pretty sure, but I can live with that.  Otherwise, still recording when I can, and drying my firewood for the first seasonal bonfire.  Be well!