The world is ablaze with color right now here in Michigan – the sumac are righteous red, maple leaves are orange, Goldenrod is golden – it’s truly spectactular.  It seems a bit early for this riot of color but then, everything nature-wise seems to be running ahead of schedule these days.  We’ve even had a couple of below-freezing nighttime temps in my area, although there is still some basil outside that’s sort of green.


I’m heading back to Chicago this month for recording sessions and just laid down tracks for a new song called ‘Love Gone Wrong’ that I’ll be launching a video of within the next week or so – hopefully.


Needless to say, there’s an election coming up and we all need to vote.  I want to say ‘whoever you think should be in the White House’, which is true – voting is a right that we’ve fought for – but I’m scared to think it might not be Obama.  Nonetheless, excericise your right!  If you can’t get yourself to your voting place, someone will drive you there.


All for now – thanks for checking in.