Northern Border

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$15.00 (plus $3.00 s/h)

1. Come On Girls
2. When I Was the Queen
3. Pierre and Marie
4. Dangerous Boys-O
5. Winter Dark
6. Kid With a Gun
7. 100% Chance of the 9. Blues
10. Shady Grove
11. There Are No Words
12. Every Small Thing

Northern Border” is my 4th songwriter CD (not including an all-Michigan family project). The title has more to do with a feel than an actual songwriting theme. Living a stone’s throw from the Canadian border, my music is strongly inflected with the accordions, fiddles, and pipes that are common sounds in their music, as well as being an inherent sound from my Irish heritage.There’s a moodiness sometimes, questioning, exuberance, earthiness…all of the elements that define us as humans! I have some great guest artists on this release, such as Jan Krist and Claudia Schmidt, Tyler Duncan, Jeff Taylor and others. Not to mention David Mosher – producer, friend, and “uber-musician”.

“Recommended” Dirty Linen“A remarkable recording.” Sing Out!

“I had to put down my work and email you pronto to say what a fabulous album it is… a word I rarely use.” Folk on the Fringe, Australia

“…a great work of art.”

“excellent new album …” Lilli Kuzma-Folk Festival, WDCB Radio

“This is Michigan singer-songwriter Kitty Donohoe’s 4th album and probably her most important yet. Kitty is of Irish American descent and so it’s no surprise she has a strong Irish feel in her songs, but they are not all about Ireland. On the contrary, she takes the inspirations for her songs from everyday life in America today. Kitty’s songs are well written, and needless to say she sings like an angel.” Greenman Review, UK