Bunyan and Banjoes

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$10.00 (plus $3.00 s/h)

Michigan Gals
Roll Loggers Roll

Jack Haggerty

Michigan ABC
Maple Syrup
Pierre and Marie

Louie Sands and Jim McGee
Red Iron Ore
Great Lakes Lights

Sisters of the Lights
I Never Will Sail
Ode to the Pasty
Michigan Waltz
Mackinac Bridge/St. Anne’s Reel (unabridged)

In 1987 had a Sesquicentennial (150th birthday) and I had just started working in elementary schools so I could stay off the road and be with my family. I put together a collection of mostly-original songs about Michigan, put out the word, and started working two schools a day, 5 days a week, month after month for a couple of years – whew! Even after all of this time I hear from people who remember the songs, sing them to their kids, teach them in their classes…I had no idea they’d have that legacy and as a songwriter I’m very happy about that. It’s very folksy in style, with subjects about rivers, lumberjacks, pasties…and in 2004 I added 5 new songs to it (4 original, 1 traditional) and released it as a CD.

Now Available in Book & CD Packet!Bunyan & Banjoes Book & CD Package

The original version of ‘Bunyan and Banjoes’ came out as a tape with an optional corresponding book. Still in print, the book contains all of the Michigan songs charted out, plus recipes, games and information. This version of the book has an inside cover pocket that contains music sheets of the 5 songs added to the CD in 2004. So both CD and book are completely updated! Buy now for $17.95 (plus $3.00 s/h)

I’ve never submitted ‘Bunyan and Banjoes’ for review but have heard from people for decades who love it.

Some comments…

“Excellent and fun!” “Outstanding!”

“Good Michigan history.”

“Loads of information.”

“Really resonates with my Michigan roots.”


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