Summer has finally arrived here in Michigan.  It’s sweltering, humid, sticky – exactly

what July should be.  I planted my little garden a bit late but it’s thriving, so somewhere

on a future menu are BLT’s.  I can’t wait.


I’m making some progress on ‘The Kerryman’s Daughter’, the new Irish American

CD that I’ve been planning for some time.  A bit later this month I’m meeting with

Dennis Cahill in Chicago to discuss arrangements and schedules.  I’m thrilled to have

Dennis on board.  In the Irish American music world he’s very revered as a guitar

player (usually for fiddler Martin Hayes) and a producer.  I’m still looking for funding

for the project, so feel free to contact me through this site for more info.


In August I have a tour in the Upper Peninsula, one of my favorite places to go, especially in the summer.  I’ll doing concerts and hanging out with some good friends.

And I’m still hoping I can tag a trip to Ireland at the end of August or very early



As more things unfold in my musical life I’ll post them here.


stay cool!