October is here without a doubt.  I found a used bike on Craigslist so I can cruise around my neighborhood streets on balmy fall nights like I did when I was a kid.  I loved the patches of golden light from the windows, riding through the darkening and smelling the smoke of burning leaves.  That part doesn’t happen too often anymore, but once in awhile…

I’m spending as much time in the studio as I can, working on ‘The Irishman’s Daughter.’  There have been a ridiculous number of set-backs on this project but I can see the finish line out there, and I’m confident I’ll be pleased with it when it’s done.  I’ll be posting a mission statement of sorts soon on what this album is about and will be setting up several CD release events.

On top of the CD, I’ve also been developing a series of kids books that I’ll be releasing under my own Gypsie Bird imprint.  That’s been a long time under wraps too, and I’m pretty excited about the fruition of this vision.

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