‘Tis fall again and happy am I.  There wasn’t much of a garden to brag about this summer, esp, in the tomato department.  For some reason they were few and not very hardy so I gave it up for gone. 

I made a short trip to Nashville in September just to see what happens there, and holy Moses!  The last time I went (many years ago) it was a city, but not overly so.  Now it’s a megalopolis with skyscrapers shooting up everywhere, uncountable numbers of people in cowboy boots wandering up and down Music Row, and at night on Broadway there’s music on every street corner, pouring out of every bar, blasting into the dark. Very interesting, but I was glad to be back home.

I’m planning a trip or two to Chicago before winter sets in, and possibly Ohio and a few places south.  Other than that, I plan to enjoy the colors here in Michigan. To hear my song ‘Autumn Dance’ click on the 2nd link in the Listen box.

Thanks for checking in.