Well, October has done it’s usual thing and moved on.  There have been some beautiful Indian Summer days here in Michigan lately, but I also think I can smell snow on the wind when I go for my walks.  I love it all…

Things are moving forward on the Irish American project.  I was able to grab I-A chanteuse Cathie Ryan a few weeks ago and get her in the studio to put harmony vocals on ‘Ireland Song.’  It sounds amazing with her incredible voice and it was fun getting to know her a bit.  If you don’t know Cathie, she was recently called ‘Best Irish Singer of the Past Decade’ by liveirealnd.com.  Quite a tribute, and when you hear her you’ll know why.

I’m also making plans to spend time at the end of the month and in December in Chicago recording with Dennis Cahill.  Again, an amazing musician.

There is some great Irish music locally these days.  On Sunday nights there’s a session at Connor O’Neill’s Pub (just two doors down from the Ark) and on Thursdays there are lessons and a session happening at Greenwood Church in Ann Arbor.  The Greenwood events are official Comhaltas happenings, which is an organization based in Ireland to preserve and continue Irish language, music and dance.

And lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to you all, however you celebrate it.  Even in these hard times, there is plenty to be thankful for in this world.