Summer was fleeting (as usual) and Labor Day is just around the corner.  There were several days this summer with lovely swims, cookouts, I have about 5,000 cherry tomatoes, and my Pasty Belt Tour in the UP in July was great. The weather was perfect and I got to spend time with some old friends and made new ones. We’re putting a Gallery page on this site any day now and I’ll be posting some of the pix I took up there.

Annie Capps, Jan Krist and I are doing some gigs in December as the Sweethearts of the Yellow Room – we being the three females in the Yellow Room Gang.  This is our chance to do our stuff without the guys.  Details will be posted!

And here are a couple of photos of my old cement garden pal Froggie.  He was looking pretty weather-worn and needed a serious make-over.  Now he’s quite blingy, complete with a mustache, sideburns and red cowboy boots.
Here he is singing his big hit “This Toad Tonight’!  Thank you to Monsieur David for the re-do.

Froggie 'before'

Froggie ‘before’

Froggie after his makeover!

Froggie after his makeover!