It’s December 1st and so far we’ve only had one dusting of snow.  I’m very disappointed – and worried.  There’s no denying that climate change is happening and I don‘t want to live where it’s warm all the time.  I know, I’m a bit weird on that one, but I love winter!

I think I’ll make one more trip to Chicago this month to work on the CD and then bring the next phase of recording back here to Michigan.  Working with Dennis Cahill and Victor Sanders has been a treat.  They’re pro’s and they’re fun – what else do you need? And I’ll do more there later on in the year.

I’m posting our version of ‘Star of the County Down’ on youtube as my December song offering.  It’s very sparse with just me on piano and legendary violinist Maurice Lennon trading off with me on melody and harmony.  At first I thought I wanted to add more instruments but I’ve changed my mind.  The starkness really appeals to me.

I’m looking forward to collecting my first frozen CSA next week.  CSA is Community Supported Agriculture and it’s a cool concept.  You pre-buy shares in fruits and veggies from area farmers, which they harvest and make available to you.  CSA’s are usually fresh foods but this one is for frozen berries, pumpkin, veggies and more…which is perfect for me with my big empty freezer hogging up the basement!  I can’t wait.  And I like knowing that the money helps keep small farms going, doing what they love.

I guess that’s it for now – I wish you all the best for the rest of 2012 and even better in 2013!