Summer has settled in with a vengeance and I’m so glad my new little car has AC. I never thought I really cared!  It’s either hot and dry as a desert or we have torrential rains and flood warnings.

The Kerryman’s Daughter’ progress report…

I’m still looking for funding for this project but I was able to get into the studio a couple of weeks ago with Cathie Ryan to grab her harmony vocals on The Ireland Song.  Absolutely beautiful.  Cathie is a Michigan native but moved east and then to Ireland some years ago, and she was recently given the title ‘Best Irish Singer of the Last Decade’ by, an ‘all things Irish’ online radio show.  When you hear the song you’ll know why. I’m also getting together in the near future with Tyler Duncan to work on some arrangements.

I’ll be in the UP soon and am looking forward to some wild lake moments and spending time with friends.  And maybe picking some wild blueberries.


enjoy the remains of summer