Kitty Donohoe is a true treasure – a rare songwriter with tremendous range, a beautiful voice and an ability to write haunting, melodic and literate songs. She deserves a wider audience.”

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Kitty’s long-awaited CD “The Irishman’s Daughter” is available now

‘Kitty is making a name for herself in Irish America
and you can see why from the high quality of the work here.
–  Irish Music Magazine (July 2017)

 Recipient of the Best Traditional Irish Solo Performer Award in 2016

Ireland 2021

The trip to Ireland for this summer (2021) has been canceled but for now Scotland
is still happening as scheduled.  I should know by Memorial Day Weekend the status of that and will post it here ASAP.

The trip to Scotland in July is on the schedule for July 18 ~ July 26.   We’ll be visiting the city of Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye region, and Inverness (the Highlands).  These tours are a bit smaller then the Ireland tours and also sell out quickly.  As of today there are still 3 seats left for Scotland since we’ve been waiting to figure out what will happen there.  Here’s a link to get you more information: 

Beyond the Tartan Tours of Scotland

The dates for these trips for 2022 are Scotland July 2 ~ 10 and Ireland July 13 ~ 22. 
For more info or to sign up
email me:




To sign up go to  Inishfree tour website or directly to Kitty.


Kitty Donohoe, The Author

For information on Kitty’s children’s book click the button below.

“original and fun, and I love the music!”

– National multi-award-winning children’s author Shutta Crum

“There Are No Words” is Kitty’s Emmy award-winning post 9/11 song that has earned her much critical acclaim and an invitation to sing at the dedication of the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial on September 11, 2008

Still moved and speechless one year later by your tribute. From one who was in the Pentagon and lost 29 shipmates that day in the Navy Command Center. thank you…