Kitty Donohoe is a true treasure – a rare songwriter with tremendous range, a beautiful voice and an ability to write haunting, melodic and literate songs. She deserves a wider audience.”

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‘Kitty was recently awarded Finalist for her song ‘Dangerous Boys-0’ from the Great American Song Contest, and Outstanding Achievement Awards for her songs ‘Do What You Love’ and ‘There Are No Words.’

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  Ireland and Scotland Tours 

The 2023 tours were spectacular and I now have the dates and info for 2024!

The return to Ireland and Scotland last summer was wonderful, and it was so good to
be back after the Covid break ~ and looking forward to another wonderful trip at the end of this summer.   We’re now booking for 2024 and those dates are:  UPDATE ~as of now the
Ireland trip is Sold Out and there is a Wait List.  If you’re interested in this trip I’d say you should get your name on the list now as lots can happen in a year.

 Scotland, September 18 ~ 28  &  Ireland September 30 ~ October 9

There will be two changes for both trips in 2024.
Instead of the ‘Beyond the Tartan’ tour that I’ve done so far in Scotland, the trip next year will be
‘Beyond the Borders’ and will take us along the Borders area that separates Scotland from England,
including 4 days in the Lake District of England. 
There’s a bit more info on the Borders Tour at the link below.

The Ireland trip next year will be the Southern route and will be in Counties Cork, Kerry,
& Clare, also new to me.  

For more info go to the Tours link

Kitty Donohoe, The Author

For information on Kitty’s children’s book click the button below.

“original and fun, and I love the music!”

– National multi-award-winning children’s author Shutta Crum