Summer 2017

For some reason my usually so-so garden is bursting at the seams already, and most likely because it’s all in pots this year.  My neighbor and pal is going to help me put a patio in my old garden spot (which didn’t work that well anyway) and I found some large cement Celtic design pavers to put at the four corners of the patio, which I thinkwill look quite cool.  I’m excited to have a project that doesn’t involve recording or publishing!

If things go according to plan I should have a major re-do of this website sometime in July ~ I have new pictures, reviews, etc. already so it’s just a matter of getting it put together.  Annie Capps does that part, not me.

Some highlights of this summer are a week of writing songs with disadvantaged girls through Lost Voices, my usual trip to the Upper Peninsula in July, and a two-week songwriting instructor gig at Interlochen Arts Camp in northern Michigan.  I’ve been warned that it’s quite intense but I’m looking forward to it.  Details of these performances and more are at the Shows page of my site.

Thanks for checking in and have a great summer!

    It’s a slow, cold spring here in Michigan but there signs of life out there.  Bits of flowers are starting to show, the grass is a shy and curmudgeonly green, and there are definitely new bird songs to be heard.  I’m all for that!  Considering the incredible storms the east coast has been dealing with […]


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