Summer 2016

Ireland was amazingly sunny and warm for late May, but I returned home to find full-blown summer had arrived.  The trees are completely leafed out, flowers are everywhere, and alas, I’ve barely started my own garden.  I had such a vision!!

June is such a crazy busy month for me that I doubt I’ll get much done there until July anyway – and I’m just as happy to pick someone else’s berries or go to one of the many farm markets around here for my veg & fruit. Anyway, it’s the season for festivals all over the country ~ and in Canada and Europe too, as far as that goes.  You can take a day or an entire week to find your spot of choice and sit, listen, pick, strum, sing, eat, drink and rejoice – it’s a great way to support artists and the organizations that present us!

If you show up someplace where I’m performing plus come up and say ‘hey.’ Have a great summer everybody!

    It’s a slow, cold spring here in Michigan but there signs of life out there.  Bits of flowers are starting to show, the grass is a shy and curmudgeonly green, and there are definitely new bird songs to be heard.  I’m all for that!  Considering the incredible storms the east coast has been dealing with […]


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