This Road Tonight

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$15.00 (plus $3.00 s/h)

No One on this Road

Jack of All Trades

Thought I Knew

Jiggle the Handle

Do What You Love

An Meid Raite

A Murder of Crows

Howling at the Moon

Singing My Song


Bon Voyage


Produced by Kitty and David Mosher, the album is the result of a collection of songs written by Kitty during a long hiatus from recording. As ever, Kitty draws on her Irish heritage musically and uses a healthy dose of uilleann pipes, whistles and accordion in addition to guitars, bass and keyboard to back her up on all 12 original songs and tunes. Stepping a little farther afield than on past projects, Kitty and David integrated some unusual percussion to bring a novel feel to a couple of the cuts.

“One thing that hasn’t changed in her time off is her voice; it’s as rich and compelling as ever. She has an amazing range with a flexibility that few other singers have. Donohoe’s songwriting is even stronger than it was before…” Dirty Linen

beautifully produced, well written and expertly played” Sing Out!

“intelligent, literate songwriting infused with an inherent optimism.” Tweeddale Press Ltd, England

“exceptional…the look and feel of a masterpiece.” City Pulse

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