Irishman’s Daughter

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$15.00 (plus $3.00 s/h)
1. Star of the County Down
2. The Lark in the Morning
3. Fish on Fridays
4. Bold Jack Donohoe
5. Leaving the Land/Ships Are Sailing
6. Bonny Blue-eyed Nancy
7. Working for Mrs O’Leary
8. Chicago Jig/Chicago Reel
9. Abe Lincoln’s Army
10. Sneaking Up the Hill
11. Ireland Song
12. The Irishman’s Daughter

Sample a few songs from Irishman’s Daughter

‘The Irishman’s Daughter’ is a CD that’s been in the works for a few years. Starting out as a diaspora project based on my own family’s immigration from Ireland, it eventually became broader than that, and now it’s a collection of traditional songs and tunes that I love mingled with my own originals. I’ve tried to treat each trad number with my own imprint, like slowing the gorgeous ‘Star of the County Down’ down to an almost-air tempo, or treating the ‘Chicago Reel’ like a big-city piece with the boogie piano. None of these songs and tunes would be anything without the amazing musicians who played what I asked them to (whether they got it or not!) and, as ever, I’m lucky to live around so so many gifted players. A huge ‘thank you’ to them all, and I hope you enjoy ‘The Irishman’s Daughter.’

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