Irishman’s Daughter

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$15.00 (plus $3.00 s/h)

1. Star of the County Down
2. The Lark in the Morning
3. Fish on Fridays
4. Bold Jack Donohoe
5. Leaving the Land/Ships Are Sailing
6. Bonny Blue-eyed Nancy
7. Working for Mrs O’Leary
8. Chicago Jig/Chicago Reel
9. Abe Lincoln’s Army
10. Sneaking Up the Hill
11. Ireland Song
12. The Irishman’s Daughter

‘The Irishman’s Daughter’ is a CD that’s been in the works for a few years. Starting out as a diaspora project based on my own family’s immigration from Ireland, it eventually became broader than that, and now it’s a collection of traditional songs and tunes that I love mingled with my own originals. I’ve tried to treat each trad number with my own imprint, like slowing the gorgeous ‘Star of the County Down’ down to an almost-air tempo, or treating the ‘Chicago Reel’ like a big-city piece with the boogie piano. None of these songs and tunes would be anything without the amazing musicians who played what I asked them to (whether they got it or not!) and, as ever, I’m lucky to live around so so many gifted players. A huge ‘thank you’ to them all, and I hope you enjoy ‘The Irishman’s Daughter.’
Winter 2017

    Winter has long since settled in, along with varying amounts of snow and ice. The election is over with and it’s going to be a very long, cold few years, so it’s time to wrap up tight and hunker down.  Or at least for now, as things begin to unfold in the new regime and we […]

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