Summer 2014  

Thurs/Aug 14  Glen Lake Library  11:00am  10115 Front St, Empire, Michigan     ‘Bunyan & Banjoes’ family program

Fri/Aug  15 Wild Blueberry Festival  2 shows – 12:00 ‘ Bunyan & Banjoes’ & 6:30pm ‘Lighthouses & Legends’.  This is wonderful small town festival just miles down the road from Whitefish Point.  More blueberries than you can imagine.

Sat/Aug  16  Point Iroquois Lighthouse  2 shows  - 1:00 ‘Lighthouses and Legends’ & 3:00 ‘Bunyan & Banjoes’.  The lighthouse is on Lake Superior near Brimley in the UP.

Sat/Aug 30 Thumbfest ~ all day music festival w/performances & workshops in beautiful Lexington, Michigan on Lake Huron.  Best of all, it’s FREE.

Further down the road ~ some September highlights include Trinity House Theatre, Ten Pound Fiddle and the Flint Folklore Concert Series.  Stay tuned!






Summer 2014

    I thought I had posted this a couple of months ago but I guess I didn’t!  Summer is winding down now with full gardens and the night air rich with the sounds of cicadas and crickets.  I’m looking forward to fall but also sorry to see the days shortening already.  I wrote a song for summer called […]



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