Winter 2018

‘winter dark always takes me by surprise ~
I think it’s the middle of the afternoon and all of a sudden the sky is the color of slate
with thick, clotted clouds lowering themselves upon the buildings and the trees’

                                                                              Winter Dark ~ Northern Border

Like most of the rest of the country, winter has hit big-time after a slow start. With
a week plus of below zero temps it’s pretty hard to want to go outside for ANY reason.  Which means it’s a good time to stay inside and write, play music, and work on career business.  The wonderful Annie Capps (Swampstreet Design) is putting together a new website for me, so that should be up and running fairly soon, complete with live video (at last!), updated reviews and bio info.  My almost~yearly Ark 29th Annual Birthday Show is coming up on Feb 11th and we’ll be taping that one as well, so there will be even newer live video.  We (Luke Panning on fiddle, Len Wallace on accordion and David Mosher on everything else) are working on some new material as well as polishing up some of the older things ~ so put Feb 11th on your calendar and come spend a lovely Sunday night with us.

For now, stay warm and safe on those roads ~ and thanks for checking this out!

    It’s a slow, cold spring here in Michigan but there signs of life out there.  Bits of flowers are starting to show, the grass is a shy and curmudgeonly green, and there are definitely new bird songs to be heard.  I’m all for that!  Considering the incredible storms the east coast has been dealing with […]


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