I’ll be updating info soon for the Inishfree Tour in May, which is already filling up.  To get info right away email me through the Contact page and I’ll send you things you need to know.  For now here it what I posted when I got home from the 2015 trip.



The Inishfree Irish Music Tour was wonderful ~ even better than most of us expected.  We spent idyllic days visiting ancient standing stones and churches and seaside villages, and every night hearing Irish traditional music.  Sometimes we were entertained by a solo artist and sometimes a scorching~hot session band, but all of it was amazing.  Best of all, 22 mostly-strangers were good friends by the end of the tour.
I’ll be leading another tour next Spring, May 23 thru June 1, 2016. We’ll be a bit north this time, visiting Co’s Mayo, Galway and Clare. For more info on the trip please email me here.



Based in Ann Arbor, Emmy recipient Kitty Donohoe draws from her Irish heritage as well as her American and Canadian roots in her music, which is rich, earthy and compelling, making good use of her gifts for storytelling, her love of language, and her ear for melody.

“Kitty Donohoe is a true treasure – a rare songwriter with tremendous range, a beautiful voice and an ability to write haunting, melodic and literate songs. She deserves a wider audience.” All Music Guide

Rich Warren of WFMT Chicago has included Kitty on his list of the ’50 most significant songwriters in the last 50 years.’

winter 2015/16

    So far it’s being an unusual winter in this part of the world, as we had a ‘perfect snow’ in early December (nothing like a perfect storm!), then it started getting rainymeltyicymushy, which it still is.  Not much chance of ice skating right now, and I never did really figure out the skiing thing! I’m […]


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